Family Portrait Session

Family Portrait Session

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Creative portraiture is something I truly love to do. It is wonderful to meet different people from all walks of life and learn a little about them and their family. I feel honored when asked to photograph a couple or family portrait session that captures a special time or event in their lives.

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Before a shoot, I discuss with my clients the style, mood, and purpose for the desired photography. Do they prefer a more formal or casual look? Are the photos documenting a special event? Will there be multiple groupings of people or one large grouping? I like to pull inspirational images to ensure all are on the same page and excited about the outcome. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe are discussed prior as well. This planning stage ensures for a flawless and efficient shoot.

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I place no restrictions on the amount of wardrobe or background changes during a shoot so that the client can get as much variety out of their session as possible. Naturally, there is a limit on the amount of looks that can be achieved in a given timeframe, but so much is contingent on purpose, personal comfort, hair and makeup services, etc. that I like to stay flexible around each client’s needs. It is better to be able to choose from images with more variety than less, because no one needs a hundred versions of the same photo.

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One of my specialties with family photography is that I like to focus on getting one perfect group portrait by merging photos together. Rather than having a few group photos where someone doesn’t like their smile, or a small child is distracted, there can be one final portrait where everyone looks their best. This process requires more strategy, but the end result is well worth the work for a photo that will be cherished for years.

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Having a hair and makeup artist or wardrobe stylist on set is a game changer for photoshoots. While I am experienced in styling and aware to look out for clothing or hair discrepancies while shooting, this does not compare to having a dedicated professional there to make a client’s hair, makeup, and wardrobe look their very best. Having a specialist take care of those important aspects of a shoot takes away a lot of stress and doubt for my clients and allows them to enjoy this special moment. Many hair and makeup artists I work with are also wardrobe stylists, making for a more cost effective rate. I would highly recommend this service as an essential part of a photoshoot to any client.

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After a shoot, I create a gallery of images for my client to review. I encourage them to take their time and go through a few rounds of selection, so that they narrow down to the very best of what they need. I am always on hand for a second opinion. Usually this is the hardest part of the process, as it can be hard to choose! My favorite time is when I get to deliver finished images back to my client. It is just as exciting for me as it is for them to see the beautiful results of our hard work.

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Each family and couple portrait session I have done has felt uniquely like the people I photograph. Through this process I am able to get to know them, and I can see their style and personality shine through in the images. I love working closely with my clients to create photographs they will treasure for a lifetime..

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Sarah Oden is a commercial photographer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. She specializes in fashion, portrait and product photography for a wide range of clients.